We'd like to bring the sky a little closer to you.

Look app is the new iOS application which will notify you in real time, about astrophysical events and sky phenomena happening right above your head. It gathers information from the most important scientific databases all over the world, and it's constantly up to date. The service cleans and parses data to show a user friendly layout, easy for everyone.


Let's talk about our project

Enjoy the night sky

Our purpose is to alert peolple about every event happening upon our heads: from the atmosphere to the dephts of outer space. How many shooting stars and supermoon nights did you miss, just beacuse no one told you to look at the sky that very night?

Look app is the perfect tool to keep yourself up to date on the sky phenomena. All you have to do is enabling Look app notifications and it will do the rest! Based on your location it will alert you any time a wonderful event is expected to lit up the night sky, you won't miss another one ever again!

Hackathon winner

During the 48 hours of the Space Apps Challenge we have built an iOS Application that shows the user a selection of space events through a smart user interface. Most of the work was to gather, analyse and combine data from several scientific databases. We ranked first in the italian competition.

In the next few months we automated the events research process and built our own database. Push notifications and synchronization are based on the service that fits our needs just fine. In the future we would like to extend our service to Android and even Windows Phone.

Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another. Plato


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